Don't Miss Your Party

God is planning parties for us; unfortunately, we often risk missing out on the party.

 In fact, I almost missed my own surprise party once.

It was the Sunday after my birthday, my mom texted me to ask if I could come over and help take a few things down out of the rafters. I said yes. But it had been a busy morning at church and I was exhausted. I flopped in my bed to take a quick Sunday afternoon nap and then I hear my phone vibrate. It was my mom asking if I was still coming over to help.

Ugh. After a busy morning, my room was so quiet and peaceful. I just wanted to take one of those glorious Sunday afternoon naps. The last thing I wanted to do was help someone, but this was my mom.

 I headed over to my parents house. When I walked into the house I saw a gathering of people in the backyard and thought to myself “Huh, they must be having an event.” I still had the Sunday afternoon daze.

I did a double take and walked towards the sliding door; the backyard was full of my friends. I finally realized, “This is a surprise party for me!” It turned out to be an afternoon of laughter and memories with some of my favorite people in the world. I almost skipped out on helping my mom and if I did I would have skipped my own surprise party.

We are called to serve others and that can be hard work. Days are long and our energy runs short. However, saying yes to what Jesus has called us to changes everything.

When we say yes to serving we get to see surprise party after surprise party. We get to see God at work. He turns up the music. He turns peoples mourning into dancing. He fills hearts with hope. He turns on the disco light and the beams brighten every person in its path.

Sometimes we don’t experience the party on day one or day two or day three, but God has a big celebration in mind—he is in the background excitedly sending out the invites and hanging the streamers.

Reminds me of the story of the prodigal son. He put all his effort into trying to throw a party for himself, but the best party was waiting for him when he returned to the Father.

Don’t let me spoil the surprise, but God has hope and joy in store for you!