IT'S ALL A LIE: Thoughts on Christianity and Political Influence

Choose A or B.

You are either for or against. It’s fight or flight.

This is the polarizing rhetoric that we are told. We are told that we have to choose. We are either a part of the system or fighting the system, there is no middle ground.

We don’t get to decide what issues are important, they tell us - they shape our worldview.

We are told that there is no other way.

The thing is, it’s all a lie.

This lie is not new; powerful figures have been using it for two thousand years. They have been bribing followers and swaying the perspectives of the majority in order to make sure that the truth does not win.

But despite that, the truth has already won.

Two thousand years ago the powerful in this world watched as people were inspired – as people discovered that there is another way.

People were living another way. They stopped putting their hope in the political and religious leaders of their time as they discovered their eternal hope.

Two thousand years ago the powerful in this world were fearful and crucified the truth. They hung their opposition on the cross.

But, truth won. The way, the truth and the life defeated death. He demonstrated his power and faithfulness to fulfill His promises when he overcame the grave.

Two thousand years later the people who say they follow this truth are being challenged. They are being pressed to give up hope.


They are forgetting who shapes our worldview.


They are doubting the feasibility of living as people of peace.


They are questioning where their loyalties lie.


They are putting truth in a box.


We know the truth, “no one can serve two masters,” but do we let that influence every area of our life?

We know that we called to love our neighbor and that love is the context in which we must speak truth, but will what we say be driven by that today?

I am not saying we should not get involved in the social or political realms, but wondering if maybe we should re-consider how we use our influence.

Before we legislate morality, maybe we should take steps to reach peoples hearts?

Before we post about a political candidate, maybe we should consider using our voice to “spur one another on to love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24).

You and I have a limited influence in the lives of those around us, so I want to urge you to consider using your voice to shift the focus from the cycle of power exchange in the world onto the one that matters.

Yes actions sometimes do speak louder than wordsso act out of love.

But, also the pen can be mightier than the swordso speak/write out of love.

People will be elected, yes, but let’s not get caught up in the lies that we must join the mess – there is another way.

I choose to serve the King of Kings and the President of Presidents.

Who will you serve?