Make it to Castle Rock!

A few days ago, I got distracted while on a hike, went off the trail and missed out on what was just a little ahead.

Okay, maybe it was more like an advance nature walk. I wouldn’t want to offend prolific hikers by using the word hike to describe this 2-mile stroll.

We were on a time crunch; family was meeting us at the cabin. We walked up the trail and paused to climb up some rocks and take in the view of the lake, thinking, “this must be Castle Rock” (the name of the trail).

IMG_1927 copy.jpg

View that distracted us from the trail.

I took a few photos and we struggled to find a spot to put the guerrilla pod to capture some group photos with the rock, trees, and lake in the background. Now we had tunnel vision, all I could see is the beautiful view of the lake. We climbed up rocks and everything started looking like a “trail”, but the view was not improving. We followed one of the “trails” for a bit before we decided to turn around.

I was still convinced that those rocks must have been Castle Rock. However, then my dad pointed up to people off in the distance towering above all the trees and us.  They were on a massive boulder, on Castle Rock.

We were on a time crunch; we had spent all our time taking pictures at the random boulder that distracted us from the trail and missed out on the incredible view that had been waiting for us up on Castle Rock.

Later, I searched for pictures of the view. This is what we missed out on.


View that we missed out on.


What if we aimed to make 2018 the year where we get to Castle Rock everyday?

Obviously, I don’t mean we all need to physically go to Big Bear and walk up to Castle Rock (although that would be fun!). Instead, I mean don’t get distracted from the path and remain focused on the good things in store ahead.

Make this a year where you find the trail again and keep pressing ahead. Refuse to be distracted from what is waiting a little further up the path.

As a Christ follower, for me “making it to Castle Rock everyday” means starting every day with prayer and reading God’s word. I must become insistent on not straying from keeping Jesus as the center. This only happens if I turn off distractions more consistently so that I have more time to focus on what is most important.

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth”
— Colossians 3:2 ESV

What would it look like for you to “make it to Castle Rock" everyday?

- Brandon Maddux