Sunday does not always seem to help on Monday.

People go to church.

They hear the “good news”.

Then the next day rolls around and this “good news” they heard is confronted by reality.

We leave church inspired by the story of Jesus, but on Monday we are reminded about death & taxes.

It can feel as if the good news is not that good. I remember feeling that tension, thinking that it will be good news someday when we get to be freed from pain in heaven, but right now we are stuck in the reality of every-freakin’-day life and some days life just sucks.

But in Bible College, I started questioning that…

What I discovered was that there is abundant life now, but I typically don’t choose it.

I found that, we love the story of Jesus, but we can be slow to live out His ideas.

We go to church on Sunday, expecting His story to carry us through Monday. We prefer to think about His past on Sunday, than to invite His presence in to transform Monday.

I believe that the Good News is good today. I believe that Jesus offers us eternal life and that life begins now.

Are we living that good and abundant life or are we living our own life according to our own ideas that might have sprinklings of inspiration from the story of Jesus, but fundamentally ignore His clear exhortations?

Jesus is more than an inspirational story.

The Sunday-Monday connection comes when we begin inviting His presence and applying his ideas.

His ideas are radical. If you start living them out, you might catch yourself (to name a few)…

How will your Sunday impact Monday? Are you going to hold Jesus at arms distance or welcome His presence and apply His ideas?

Lord, be present in our Monday.
- Brandon Maddux