18 Mar

Stop Using Birth-Control – Church Growth

Discipleship Diagram showing Church Growth

What’s holding churches back from having babies?

We tend to over complicate Church growth. I’ve read a couple of articles lately on Church growth and was surprised that everything from technology to worship music was looked at, but not discipleship. Anything that is healthy multiplies. In healthy churches multiplication is not a one time thing, but a continuous process. In healthy churches multiplication is not just something we talk about, it’s something that naturally happens. However, the Body of Christ is not reproducing like it should, it’s time the Church stops using “Birth-Control”.


The process of discipleship is simple, but difficult to live out. Jesus gave us the example Call, Equip, Send, Repeat. He sent not just the 12, but later he also sent 72. However, there is a disconnect with this simple process of Discipleship and how many believers live.


Here are some of the Churches “Birth-Control”, 5 things that are keeping the Body of Christ from multiplying:

  1.  Waiting: Instead of calling disciples, many leaders have began waiting for disciples. As leaders we must begin identifying who we should be training and equipping.
  2. Division: Leaders are not working for the UNITY of the body, instead they often spend time on controversial issues that may not be clear-cut on what the Biblical stance should be. They create division over non-essential debates, causing disciples to depart from the leaders.
  3. Commitment: The Church is not demanding commitment, but instead allowing disciples to be inconsistent and uncommitted. Disciples are no longer expected to drop everything. Leaders must begin putting a higher value on commitment from those that they are personally discipling. They must be willing to have difficult  conversations explaining the importance of commitment.
  4. Selfish: Leaders in the Church have begun holding on to their disciples, when the disciples are ready to be sent. We must see the process all the way through, DISCIPLES MUST BE SENT. Leaders must stop being selfish and realize that those people are needed elsewhere.
  5. Culture: Franky, for many churches, multiplication has never been a part of their church culture and it is difficult to change that. If they are to begin multiplying effectively the leadership must make a huge active effort to change their culture.


What is your Church doing to intentionally disciple? (Comment Below)

marty walker
marty walker

anything healthy reproduces. from plants to people. from disciples to churches!